Friday Top 10: Fun Fest Bands

Our Fun Fest coverage is nearing an end, but we have yet to give you a top artists post in typical ATH fashion.  So here ladies and gents is your ATH top 10 fun fest acts.  This is a list compiled by all of our writers and collaborators who did their best to check out as many bands as we could this weekend.  Keep in mind that we see as many bands as we can, but certainly can’t blanket the whole fest.  Follow the jump for list.

10. Girls

These guys create incredible pop tunes on record and have made some major strides when it comes to their live show.  Adding the trio of female backing singers was a nice touch that helped inch the band into our top 10.


9. Mind Spiders

This is probably one of the best bands kicking around Texas right now, at least as far as balls to the wall rock n’ roll goes.  They brought out the dual drummers, which seemed to start a trend, though I’m sure their punk rock pummeling still couldn’t equate to Slayer’s 24 guitar amps.


8. The Thermals

Anytime this band appears on a festival lineup, it’s almost a guarantee that they’ll pop up on a top band’s list via ATH.  How this band still manages to entertain and keep things fresh after so many years together still amazes me.


7. Active Child

I was extremely surprised by the set from Pat Grossi and his band Active Child.  Sometimes the eletronic-pop sound can be hard to re-create live, but these guys more than delivered.  An energetic and intense set with a harp also earns bonus points.


6. We Were Promised Jet Packs

The boys from We Were Promised Jet Packs promised me a solid set during our interview before their show and they more than held true.  This set had a few old tunes mixed in with the band’s latest In the Pit of the Stomache made for a perfect afternoon set.



Easily the best local set we caught from the weekend, OBN III were my “find” of the festival.  The band had been recommended to me by several peeps so I’m glad I finally took their advice and checked these guys out.  Lead singer Orville was hands down the most entertaining front man I saw all weekend.  Nice job lads.


4. Hot Snakes

After some shoddy sound issues during the day, I decided to watch this show from side stage to pick up the sound from amps and monitors.  It proved to be a good decision with Froberg and company putting on one of the best true rock shows from the weekend.  To the parent of the little girl who was running around on stage during the show, please get some headphones/earplugs on your child dumbass.

3. Thee Oh Sees

It seems like just yesterday that these Cali kids wowed us at SXSW, but they just keep getting better and better each time.  They’re a bit off-kilter, and every bit as rambunctious as the more punk rock fare that was on the Black Stage. Easily one of the best live acts around right now.


2. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Did you really think an ATH list wouldn’t have Ted Leo on it?  Duh.  Ted’s Danzig impersonation for a short covers portion of his show was one of my highlights from the entire festival.  Fucking badass.


1. Joy Forimdable

A lot of bands at the festival seemed like they were kinda going through the motions, but this London based trio kicked that trend.  From the get go lead singer Ritzy Ryan was a ball of energy powering through song after song putting everything she had into each one.  Drummer Matt Thomas provided some of the most impressive drumming skills I’ve seen in a long time.  That double bass killed it.

Drop as a comment and let us know what we missed out on.  Maybe you were blown away by something on the yellow stage?  Holler.

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