Show Review: Real Estate @ the Parish (11/16)

If ever a show was built to be incredible, it was this show Wednesday night at the Parish.  We were visited by Real Estate, one of the hottest bands in the indie world, playing at one of the best venues in Austin.  And as an added treat, they brought along their friends Big Troubles. 

I felt bad for Big Troubles, as their van broke down in front of the venue just prior to their set Wednesday evening.  That’s never a way to kick off a rock show, but the band did their best to play the hell out of the great songs on their recent release, Romantic Comedy. Surprisingly, to me at least, the band played a whole lot louder than I expected, giving their pop tunes a much more shoegaze feel, with walls of feedback filling the room.  Alternating singers doesn’t always work well, however, and it was clear that one of these things was better than the other, but I guess that boils down to personal opinion.  You could tell that the break down of the van weighed upon the band, as they seemed to lack the energy you’d expect from such great songs.  All the same, I enjoyed their set, probably more than I expected to.

When it came to the evening’s entree, Real Estate were more than ready to do their recent work justice.  The setlist was filled with tracks from both of their full lengths, and the highlight for many had to be the performance of “Its Real,” which sounded incredible in the perfect setting provided by the Parish.  For all the praise given to Days, you have to applaud the band going about their business, politely interacting with the audience, and giving a pretty spot on performance of their recorded material.

For me, personally, the band’s pristine guitar sound did grow a bit montonous.  But, like I’m often doing, I began to write a review in my head, giving praise to the band for bouncing about the stage as much as their music allowed.  I mentally went off on a tangnet suggesting the band should play a sweet cover to mix things up a bit, you know just to bring a new feeling to the stage.  And what comes up immediately, bringing me out of my mental stupor?  A cover.  A cover of Felt‘s “Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow” no less!  They gave it some bounce, but still kept true to their own musical stylings, pulling off the track beautifully, and leaving me smiling. 

For every bit of hype, I’m pleased to say that Real Estate fulfilled their duties, and more so.  One couldn’t have asked for better sound for the band, and we couldn’t have asked for a better show.  Glad it finally sold out, as the band deserves the growing audience they seemingly have built for themselves over the last several years.

 There are even more amazing pics at the photo site

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