Amazing New Track from So Many Wizards

We first discussed So Many Wizards back in 2011, when the project was just getting started, but I’m happy to report the band has grown and blossomed into something spectacular.  The LA acts is slated to have an album, Warm Nothing, arrive later this year, and if it’s filled with tracks like this, then it’s going to take over the whole Internet.  For me, there’s a resemblance of what you would expect the Shins to sound like if James Mercer still kicked it old school, draping careful melodies across light instrumentation.  Come on, you can’t tell me this track doesn’t make you happy.


Download: So Many Wizards – Lose Your Mind [MP3]


  • Zzzzzzzzz….. oh, it’s over. Wow, thank you for that Nathan. Not only did this review completely oversell this track, but how sad… The Shins, not in these “Wizards” wildest dreams. Careful meaning boring. Nothing magical about them.

  • Every one has their tastes, but you can clearly see early Shins, before James Mercer lost the touch and got boring and polished. Remember when Caring is Creepy changed lives? Sure, four years after it came out, but the same sentiment is here. If you’re missing that, go revisit the catalogue, and try to see if you can find some of the magic Merer lost along the way to firing his whole band.

  • I understand your ideas behind Mercer and the shins. Me personally, polished or not, chutes too narrow is a much better record on the whole. Even so, nothing about this track you’re reviewing will change lives. And I mean really?… You WANT rehash? Bands like this need to just try harder or stop trying.

  • I see your point, but I think the pinnacle for me will always be Oh Inverted World, but it came at a time and place in my life where I wanted it to change my life–pre-Garden State I have to say. I agree that a lot of people are rehashing, and I can’t vouch for the band’s whole album, but I thought this was a charmer…even if only for one song.

  • What’s your email nigga?

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