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This edition will bring you a nice little variety. I have an older track from Glass Candy that I’ll use to highlight one the best movies I have seen in a while. I have a track from Superhumanoids that is short and sweet. An old-school feeling trance track from Acid Washed that is new, I promise. Loose Fit busts out some funky bassline action for a genre I like to call “theme music”. I’ll finish up with a stellar track from Dana Buoy you can download. Dana Buoy is in Akron/Family, this isn’t an Akron/Family track.

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Glass Candy – Digital Versicolor

Another writer around the intarwebs calls this genre “no wave”. I call synth bomb. Glass Candy’s “Digital Versicolor” is featured in the soundtrack for BRONSON. The movie is about the UK’s most notorious inmate; 120 facilities, 36 years now, 30+ in solitary – Tom Hardy plays Michael Peterson aka Charlie Bronson. The band hales from Portland, fronted by the vocals of Ida No.


Superhumanoids – Geri

I know they are from LA. I know they have a lot of their music up for download. I know I like it. Superhumanoids from what I have read is a side project diversion for four friends(Sarah Chernoff, Cameron Parkins, Max St. John and Evan Weinerman) that have a like-minded vision of what they want to listen to. Harmonies soundscapes, layers…


Acid Washed – For Your Eyes Only

Acid Washed has released For Your Eyes Only, a track that smacks of my digital roots with an obvious Kraftwerk comparison for this track, maybe some 808 State with a poppier Orb tune. Richard d’Alpert and Andrew Claristidge recall the Chicago/Detroit electronic scene. This track follows the formula of constantly adding and taking away similar elements. Dig it.


Loose Fit – Bosena

Daniel Willis and Johnny Smith are Loose Fit, childhood friends releasing an EP on their own label. This track heavily features a bass line of funked up proportions. A vocal sample drift’s in and out and the atmospheric fills of keys and hats provide grounding for another rather old-school track. The break-down, the rebuild, the stuff I lived for in the early to mid 90’s. After hours.


Dana Buoy – Call to Be

Finally, we have a track from Dana Buoy. The album is called Summer Bodies and will be out for all in May. In the meantime, we have this single called “Call to Be”. It is a friendly little jam, a just right mix of all one-person-band flavors running rampant these days. Dana will be bringing his songs to SxSW, and I will be at the first possible showcase to see what’s doing.


Here is the Dana Buoy track…

Download: Dana Buoy – Call to Be [MP3]

Pushing things a bit here, what do you like?



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