SXSW Interview: Grave Babies

Like everyone else, we’re inundated with all the great bands coming our way in the next few weeks, so we sent out a bunch of questions to our favorite acts, hoping to help spread the word. Our first responder is Grave Babies, who will be releasing their Gothdammit EP on April 17th via Hardly Art. Read on for their answers from Danny Wahfeldt…

ATH: What is the most challenging thing about being a band during SXSW or another similar festival?

DANNY: i’m not sure if there really is a similar festival to SXSW in terms of the chaos and disorganization that’s localized entirely in one US city… Getting around to the various venues and dealing with set times being postponed and changed all the time is probably the hardest part and with that comes dealing with the fatigue of playing two or three times a day for 4 days straight.

ATH:  What are some tips you would offer newbie bands to survive during SXSW or just in general on tour?

DANNY: Don’t take anyone seriously that doesn’t take themselves seriously.

ATH:  What music are you guys currently jamming in your tour bus?

DANNY: On our tour bus? Straight up gangster shit.

ATH: Due to licensing, you’ve had to change the band name, or else you get sued! What do you change it to?

DANNY: Grimes

ATH:  It’s fairly early in the musical year.  What’s in store for your band before the world ends in December?

DANNY: Probably just run it into the ground and do a real thugged out witch house record.

ATH: What’s the best pre-show beverage for the band? Let’s get brand specific! And, what’s the worst free shot we can buy you at SXSW?

DANNY: cocaine is a beverage. please don’t buy us anything, thank you.

ATH:  Being out on tour, what’s the one thing you miss about being back at home?

DANNY: Probably all the sex and getting to do email interviews.

ATH: Best band of all time is….?


Thanks to Jason Baxter for the hook-up and  Danny for the sense of humor. Check out the most recent track from the Gothdammit EP below:


Download:Grave Babies – Nightmare [MP3]

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