Show Pics: Other Lives @ Erwin Center (3/7)

Most unfortunate, the approval to shoot Radiohead didn’t come through. All was not lost as friends of Austin Town Hall, Other Lives, were opening. Into the bowels of the Erwin Center I headed to get shots of a band that everyone should experience live.

And should I mention I saw Major Applewhite again? Yeah, I did. He was kicking it with Manny Diaz.

Anyway, click through for pics of our friends on the big stage…

You people need to be more on time. If I can manage to beat traffic from North Austin out West, back to downtown and do three laps around the Erwin Center during check-in to shoot, you can get there for the opening band.

I had to be escorted out of the building after shooting, so I spent a good chunk of one of my three songs just staring when they played “For 12”. It was one of my favorite songs last year, just gorgeous, worth the pause.

More pics over at the photo site

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