SXSW Interviews: K-Holes

K-Holes are one of the bands that you’re either going to love or hate, though I’d prefer if you loved them.  Every time I listen to their single for their upcoming record, Dismania, I nostalgically wander back to the early days of Liars. We caught up with them via email before their trip to SXSW, and they threw some humor our way, which is always appreciated.  Thanks Mr. Baxter for the interview hookup. Here’s answers from the band…ATH:  What is the most challenging thing about being a band during SXSW or another similar festival?

K-Holes: Chilling by the pool…

ATH:  What are some tips you would offer newbie bands to survive during SXSW or just in general on tour?

K-Holes: Beware of the free BBQ, road roids, mud butt, teeth sweaters, and don’t forget to hang out your suede undies to dry every night.

ATH:  What music are you guys currently jamming in your tour bus/van?

K-Holes: Almond bros!!!

ATH:  Who wins the Euro Cup this summer? It’s okay to tell us you hate soccer.

K-Holes: Is that a shiny jock strap?

ATH:  Due to licensing, you’ve had to change the band name, or else you get sued! What do you change it to?

K-Holes: Jacuzzi Girls

ATH:  It’s fairly early in the musical year. What’s in store for your band before the world ends in December?

K-Holes: World domination tour 2012! Then we are putting out our box set Double D’s and 12 LPs.

ATH:  What’s the best pre-show beverage for the band? Let’s get brand specific! And, what’s the worst free shot we can buy you at SXSW?

K-Holes: Pre game: Muscle Milk. Worst shot: Muscle Milk

ATH:  Being out on tour, what’s the one thing you miss about being back at home?

K-Holes: Being able to perfectly trim our goatees. Oh and our jobs and our homework.

ATH:  Best band of all time is….?

K-Holes: Stooges


Download: K Holes – Rats [MP3]

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