Nathan’s SXSW Reflection

The hot mess that is SXSW is officially over, though the effects are still lingering, and may for some time.  We’re all different people here at ATH, so we wanted to offer you our varied opinions on the festival, so read on about my personal reflections on the fest…

Best Bands: Snowmine/Bad Sports: Snowmine jammed it out at our party, and they just sounded beautiful.  Their organic songwriting won everyone over, and I’m hoping the love spreads.  Bad Sports rocked the Beerland patio in a sweaty 25 minute set, tossing out their anthemic rock n’ roll; they’ll always melt faced.

Runners-Up: Suckers, Wedding Present, Grave Babies, The Men, Barreracudas, White Arrows.

Bands that let me down: Youth Lagoon, King Tuff, The Young.

Best Party: ATH/Sonora Second Street Showdown – I’m biased here, but even the bands seemed to agree that the free booze and super-relaxed setting made it a hit. Hats off to Sarah for all her help and to Josh for his hospitality. Surely the best party we’ve had, and would have been even better if Adelberts didn’t suck so bad.

Worst Fashion Trend: We may have spent too much time on this, but really, Mom Shorts/Pants/Jeans must stop. It’s not attractive.

Bands to Keep an Eye On: The Loom, Gringo Star, Habibi

Local Band Winners: Orthy, Young Girls

All in all, I have pretty much zero complaints about this year.  Saw/met some incredible people. Heard some great music, some alright music. Lost my liver, found it, lost it again. Avoided FADER. That’s pretty much how SXSW should be right?

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