RayRay’s SXSW Reflection

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with SXSW.  We’re all so happy at the beginning of the week only to hate life come Monday.  We here at ATH want to provide some recaps from our week of music and we’ll be doing that with some personal reflections from each member of our staff.  Follow the jump for more from me.

Best Bands: Snowmine/Suckers/The Men.  We saw Snowmine twice and both times their live sound was somehow even better than what they create in the studio.  I’ve seen Suckers something like 5 times now and they are one of the best live bands in the game.  The Men = rock n roll.

Runners-Up: Hey Marseilles, Bear in Heaven, Love Language, Choir of Young Believers, Screaming Females.

Bands that let me down: The Young, La Sera, Wavves.

Best Party: ATH/Sonora Second Street Showdown – I am also biased here, but each and every band that played our show noted the welcome low key vibe created at this east side spot.  Throw in free booze from the guys at Treaty Oak, ample parking, and great music to complete the best show of the week.  Many thanks to homeowner Josh, Sarah at Sonora Records, the guys in Snowmine for helping with sound issues, and all the guys in Whitman for helping to make this thing happen.  Wish our beer sponsor hadn’t flaked on us…

Worst Fashion Trend: http://nomoremomjeans.tumblr.com

Bands to Keep an Eye On: White Arrows, The Loom, Gardens & Villa

Local Band Winners: Young Girls, Western Ghost House

Other than the complete chaos created by a combo of St. Patty’s Day crowds mixed with SXSW hipsters on Saturday, I had a great time this year.  I again didn’t use one RSVP I signed up for and stood in line maybe one time for less than 15 minutes.  If you get an early start, know where to park for free, and stay away from Fader/Pure Volume, you’ll enjoy yourself even more next year.

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