At The Drive-In @ Red 7 Tonight!!!

In case you aren’t tied to your twitter account, you might not even know that the seminal Texas indie rock pioneers were going to be playing at Red 7 on Monday night.  After avoiding the reunion tag for years, the five piece El Paso posse has decided to end all the what-ifs and whens, choosing to bring us all a bit of the past–a past many of us might have missed. Whether or not they’re just doing it for the money, you know that every one in town in will be clamoring for a spare ticket (as the show sold out). Personally, it’s going to be the best opportunity in the world to catch At The Drive-In, as they’ve long eclipsed playing the small venue status, so it’s definitely going to be unique experience. Plus, it gives me an excuse to post this great track from their Vaya EP.  I hope to report back with great things, but if not, there’s still 400 other shows to go out and see this week in Austin.


Download:At The Drive-In – Rascuache [MP3]


  • Reports of $200+ on craigslist for a ticket? Whoa there. Entrance is will-call, with ID. Want to get in with out being on will-call, I imagine there will be a few stray spots from people that bought extras and friends couldn’t make it. Now, the only excuse I would allow for a friend to bail on this show would have to involve hospitalization.

  • BTW, there are a few pics on Facebook.

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