Show Pics: Washed Out @ The Mohawk (5/10)

Washed Out puns ruled the night as the rain came down by the bucket load. The drainage holes in the east side wall of The Mohawk couldn’t keep up and the patio turned into a shallow pool. I have to give it up for these fans, they stayed, they got soaked to the bone and they had fun.

Dog Bite was able to avoid the weather with their opening set, while Memoryhouse had to play through the worst of it.

More on the show and a ton of pics from a different view point after the break…

Dog Bite is composed of a few members of Washed Out’s former and current touring lineup. Captained by Phil Jones, known for his Indian headdress last Washed Out tour, compiled pieces of songs and created Dog Bite. He introduced their set with the promise to pay some jams. And jams they played.

No offence to Ernest and Co., I was really there to see Memoryhouse. These songs are simple, but well-crafted, complicated yet accessible. I get glassy eyed at times, so this band was high on my list to see.

They started the set just as the rain was cutting loose. About three songs in, they had to pull their gear back from the front edge of the stage, towels over pedal boards to keep them from getting completely soaked. They sounded amazing despite the distractions. “The Kids Were Wrong” from The Slideshow Effect stole the night. “Sleep Patterns” from The Years (EP) also leveled my ears. They were really nice people on top of it all.

A little bummed for Washed Out, they brought along more lights and seemed somewhat bummed to not be able to just lay down the jams and give the crowd a full on dance party, but the crowd reassured them that fun would be had. I still am a little irked by Ernest’s stage banter, a bit corny at times, but it is better compared to the show in October. Several of the songs have transformed from their original state, some getting darker, others getting dancier. “Feel it All Around” is not the same song anymore, almost like they want to rerecord. As well, they should. It was cool. They thanked the crowd profusely, and the crowd responded by filling the area in front of the stage despite the continuing rain, albeit now falling lighter than during the full force of the storm.

Washed Out did not get washed out. There I did it. Bad rain joke, you happy? Regardless, it was a night that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

Quick thanks to the staff at the Mohawk for helping me stay dry enough to shoot…

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