Chaos in Tejas Preview: Iceage

Chaos in Tejas is among us, and it’s fueled with punk fury and unkempt hordes, but beneath it all lays the music; we absolutely love the music, especially IceageA little over a year ago, Denmark’s Iceage burst onto the American hardcore scene, but their tendency to sound a touch like the Refused pushed them beyond that realm, allowing them to gain fans in the casual arena of indie rock bloggers. Despite all their accolades and hype, there’s one thing that the band holds that no one would can look over: their album, New Brigade (What’s Your Rupture), is absolutely phenomenal.

We caught the band last year, and singer Elias walked the stage like a man possessed, while the rest of the group pummeled our ears.  It’s the sort of show that you don’t get every day, even with all the punk rock shenanigans going on about town.  They’re going to come in, hit us fast and hard, and leave you wanting more.  This is absolutely one of the shows you don’t want to miss during Chaos in Tejas.

They play Saturday at the Parish @ 1 PM and Sunday at the Mohawk @ 8:45. Here’s a sample track:


Download:Iceage – New Brigade [MP3]

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