Show Pics: Chaos in Tejas (6/2)

After taking a night to relax and sweat at Stubb’s, it was back into the Chaos. Primary venue choice was Club DeVille, but I did pop next door to see the goings-ons.

Club DeVille scored a great lineup for the indie kids with Sea Lions, Royal Headaches and The Clean. I saw more Japanese hardcore at The Mohawk courtesy Zyanose, full mosh pit included. Ironically, I took an elbow to the face while shooting Royal Headache.

Here come the pics…

Give blasted metal/punk blend. Sea Lions brought their California jams. Instrumentally, they are solid and the brooding vocal worked well.

Brief stop at The Mohawk, the venue needed a hug. Back at DeVille. Caught a song from Daughn Gibson, most out of place set. Made me way up for Royal Headache, it turned into a bit of a mess with some stage-diving. That is how I get my would-be battle wound, swelling thwarted by immediate application of ice. The light gets worse and worse until there was none.

Once again made my way up for The Clean, they started slow with a few instrumentals. They kept moving more and more towards the vintage indie-punk tunes that the crowd wanted. Eventually, the crowd was well lathered.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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