New Jam (and tape) from Velcro

A few weeks back my friend Guy from Chapter Music turned me on to Velcro, a Melbourne band that I really dug.  They’ve just released a new tape overseas, and the lead track is pretty solid; I’ve been jamming to it all this afternoon.  They’ve also seemingly tossed it up for free on their BANDCAMP page, so you have the right to enjoy it, just in case you’re not into ordering tapes from abroad.  Regardless, these guys are really warming me over with their mellow affected pop tunes, and I have a feeling that it’s only a matter time before the rest of the world gets to see the talent laying in wait.


Download:Velcro – One Day [MP3]

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  • Hi thanks for the write-up. You can get the tape and/or download at
    12-track C-30 cassette on Australian label Why Don’t You Believe Me?. It’s a live set w/ two home-recorded bonus songs.

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