Show Review: Quintron and Miss Pussycat @ Red 7 (6/16)

Saturday night is always about fun.  Your body gets to rest during the day, you get to party all night, and recover on Sunday.  That’s why having Quintron and Miss Pussycat in town was perfect for Saturday night, not to mention opening acts The Golden Boys and Dent May.

Read on for our thoughts and some pictures.

Austin’s The Golden Boys drew in a decent sized opening crowd at Red 7, no doubt due to their long tenure as one of Austin’s premier rock bands, just recently releasing their fifth album, Dirty Fingernails.  These guys always know how to put on a show; they’re always entertaining, though sometimes they’re a little bit sloppy in the live setting.  I think we got a little bit of both on Saturday, leaning more towards the entertaining aspect, though vocals did get a little off.  Still, in a local scene that seems to struggle far too often, The Golden Boys are one of those gems that makes us proud to be Austinites; they’re a little rock n’ roll, and a whole lot of booze–and just a solid no frills band.

Next up we got to catch Dent May, fresh off the release of Do Things earlier in the week.  It’s interesting to me, following Dent for some time, that he’s completely moved away from the sounds he created with his ukulele. For the majority of the set, he ignored his first effort entirely, until he closed with “Meet Me in the Garden.”  Okay, I’m not complaining, and for one main reason: Dent May was having a blast.  He bounced about on stage, encouraged by a more electronic sound, smiling the whole time.

Tracks like “Best Friend” and “Rent Money” had the entire audience moving about, and we were in the same boat.  You’ve got to give credit to a man who just comes onto the stage, gives it his all, and brings the crowd along with him. Well played sir.

Our evening finished off with the always enjoyable Quintron and Miss Pussycat.  They began their set with a short little skit about a bear traveling through space avoiding vampires en route to finding the best space party.  Then it was time to party.  Quintron took to the stage in his well-known musical contraption, made up of who knows what (samplers, organ, drum loops), joined by his wife Miss Pussycat.  The duo combine elements of garage, kitsch and pop, geared towards a spastic show that on-lookers won’t forget.  We danced, we shook it, we waved our hands in the air, and then it was over.  We had no complaints with the evening at all, with all bands executing their sets in precisely the manner we expected.  If they’re coming your way, you know where to be.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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