Show Preview: The Eastern Sea (Album Release) @ Stubbs (6/22)

Date Friday, June 22nd
Location Stubb’s
Doors 1000 pm
Tickets $8 @ the Door

I know there’s some great shows going on this Friday, but one that everyone that claims to support the Austin scene needs to be at is the Eastern Sea album Release over at Stubbs. Their new album, Plague, is something I know that everyone will enjoy, crossing boundaries of indie rock and forging into well-crafted mass appeal.  This is definitely one of the Austin bands that’s on the rise, so come support the group before they hit the road.  And of course, if you show up early you get to see another solid Austin (via Michigan) artist, Dana Falconberry, who’s always worth your top dollar.


Download:The Eastern Sea – A Lie [MP3]

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