Show Review: Beat Connection @ Red 7 (6/21)

We gathered our team together this past Thursday, hoping to catch a great show over at Red 7.  Two of the much-hyped Interweb bands would be taking to the stage, so we figured we had to be there to see what they really had to offer. Our photographer Brian was on hand to snap some great pics despite being forced to shoot from behind and around the ridiculous amount of video cameras present.

Brothertiger opened up the night, and he did his part, though I can’t say that a man and a keyboard/laptop makes for much of a show.  His voice sounded good, and the music was fairly entertaining, though it would be just an appetizer for White Arrows and Beat Connection.

I was skeptical about catching White Arrows again.  I loved the set they played at SXSW this past year, but their album Dry Land Is Not a Myth seemed a bit more laden with electronics. But, as soon as they took the stage, my worries were set aside, as the group quickly jumped into an energetic set that had us buzzing for the rest of the night. Hits like “Get Gone” and “Coming or Going” sprang to life on the stage, with singer Mickey taking the audience by storm, bouncing about with his guitar in hand.  For those not familiar with the band, I suggest you correct that, as the band have just released a good album, but their something altogether special in the live setting.

The set by Beat Connection was greatly anticipated by all those in attendance, but perhaps White Arrows just jammed it out too hard, as I wasn’t as impressed with the closing acts set.  Backed largely by incorporated beats, the band just didn’t seem to have the chops live.  I got the impression that the sounds on their record, The Palace Garden, were partly misrepresented; they have a more California radio-friendly pop sound (ie Jason Mraz), just with more electronics.

I was a little perplexed by some of the sounds of the night, none which repeated the recorded material I’d been listening to for some time.  In some cases, like that of White Arrows, this can be a great thing, brining life into the music.  In other cases, it could leave listeners with a little more to be desired, such as in the closing act.  Regardless, it’s clear these are both rising acts to keep a close eye on in the coming year(s).

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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