New Jam from Cult of Youth

I get it, I get it, the day is almost over.  But, as I’m slowly making my way back to the rest of the world after hours away from the Net, I caught this wonderful Cult of Youth track.  I loved the group’s self-titled debut, especially considering the vocals of leader Sean Ragon have a definite punk leaning. Still, one of the things I appreciate the band, and it’s apparent on the following track is that the group’s not really a punk band.  In fact, they’re almost more of a folk band with dabblings in psych rock and punk.  At times you can find energetic tunes in their recording, but you also find solemn gems like this tune.  Look for more great songs on the bands up-coming record, Love Will Prevail, on September 4th via Sacred Bones.


Download:Cult of Youth – Man and Man’s Ruin [MP3]

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