Show Review: King Tuff @ Red7 (7/9)

I had back to back nights this week of the louder beer-throwing types. The first show was at Red7 featuring King Tuff as the headliner of a four band blast of in your face southern rock tinged punk. The King brought along Natural Child, who killed as an opener for Hunx, and asked locals The Vomettes and The Best to open.

There was a little crowd surfing towards the end of the night, everyone departing sweaty and satisfied.

Thoughts and pics if you click the Read More. Do it.

Standard bad light at Red7, but there was enough of it…

The Vomettes shrunk to a three piece this time around and I preferred the leaner sound. Everyone’s favorite inebriated front man was well in the limits and put together a solid set of not knowing how to play. It was fun. Solid start.

The Best is another amalgamation of the local garagepunk scene with members of the OBN posse, Orville playing bass. The Best change things up with longer format songs including guitar solos and shared vocal duties. This was a tight set. I think the crowd was pulled to the big sound, big stage presence, big rock.

Natural Child was my personal headliner. No offence to King Tuff, but I had a higher want-to-see for the guys from Nashville. They threw down the hits, covered a few songs. I wonder if they know The Chromatics recently covered Neil Young’s “Into The Black”. Their take was completely different, of course, but given the former’s exposure in the blogosphere, I could have lived with out. Otherwise, expectations were met.

King Tuff (Kyle Thomas bringing a backing band for the tour) took to the stage a little after midnight and the audience was socially lubricated. First blasts of guitar had beer spraying and girls trying to get on top of the crowd to be passed around. Hate to be the front-runner type, but “Bad Thing” was my favorite song on the night. Our boy from The Vomettes tried to hoist the guitar player, Fletcher J, on his shoulders, though wisely halted at the squat (funny anyway).

And I concede that they are the proper headliner of the show. They are really good. They deliver on whatever promise buying admission is worth from an artist.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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