Show Review: Glass Candy @ The Mohawk (7/30)

Back in the friendly confines where All Are Welcome, Friday night’s program featured local up and comers, a band strengthening their reputation and a duo throwing a full on dance party. The end of the night I walked away spent because it was ninety-something at show time and a sold out sweaty mob.

Orthy took the early crowd over, Chromatics were amazing and Glass Candy, well you are going to have to click through to get the details. …and plenty of pics.

Quick mention to Flying Turns, solid jams that suited the evening kept the crowd dancing between bands.

Orthy needs to keep getting these bookings and Austin crowds need to come out early to see them. Influences abound, all of them things I love. There is some New Order, a little show gaze, a little Cure (the dancy numbers). The band keeps getting better in the live setting. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Chromatics have history covering classic rock tunes, first Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire”, most recently Neil Young’s “Into the Black”. They ended the show with the latter and quite frankly, it was their worst song. Not because it was performed poorly or didn’t work, I just liked the original songs far better. The Kate Bush cover was nice, though. I remember being floored by “These Streets Will Never Look The Same”, “Lady” and “Page”. They are a great band, trading turns on backing guitar and synth, solid vocal from Ruth Radelet with a perfect stage presence for their sound. So very good.

Johnny Jewel stays on stage and is joined by Ida No to make Glass Candy. Understand that they were preceded by two great sets. Understand that they were very entertaining, climbing into the crowd, even inviting the crowd on stage. BUT, they were third best for me tonight. The crowd was nuts. In fact, I got a busted lip while making my way through. No injuries all the way through Chaos in Tejas, but a Friday dance party I get hit in the face. Hoodathunkit? Regardless, Glass Candy was out done in my eyes and I am sure every Glass Candy fan thinks that I am wrong. I will certainly go see Glass Candy anytime they come to town. I am just hoping they bring Chromatics along.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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