Show Pics: Mynabirds @ The Mohawk (7/28)

Back to the friendly confines, Mohawk’s inside stage played host to the Mynabirds touring with locals Deep Time. Another local band My Jerusalem used the opening slot.

It was a cool mix. The outside show with Murder By Death as headliner had a comfortable crowd, some of which stayed behind for the inside show which added to the crowd but it was never “crowded”. The night felt like a showcase or label party. Calm, plenty of friendly faces, the kind of show you can go to solo and just have fun in the crowd.

Click through for plenty of pics and show notes…

My Jerusalem is signed with a friend of the program, Modern Outsider. Here is all you need to help you decide whether to go see them or not – members of this band have resume credits from Twilight Singers, Polyphonic Spree and Bishop Allen. Jeff Klein is definitely influenced by the Dulli in his stage presence. Excellent vocal, occasional Morrisey like whoop to punctuate songs. I liked their set, plenty to take pics of, so there are plenty of pics.

Deep Time, formerly known as Yellow Fever, are on the road with Mynabirds. If you have any questions about the band, read the interview. Drummer, Adam Jones, sets a synth bass loop and away they go. Jennifer Moore’s vocal is the focus, jumping octaves, whimsical at times, powerful others. Why do I keep seeing so many great bands from Austin? I thought the “scene” was dead.

Mynabirds. I like this band. Met them a few years back during SxSW and had a nice chat with them. Laura Burhenn is good people sporting a cool hat. They have a very loyal and enthusiastic following. So here is a thought for Laura; try like hell to get an opening slot for someone like Dirty Projectors. They need to spread this love around and the right opening spot will lead to big exposure. Just throwing it out there. More great vocals on stage, especially the harmonizing with Rebecca Marie Miller. Solid mix of new and old tracks, crowd was happy.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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