Show Pics: Wild Nothing at Red7 (8/29)

Late night for the photo guy, album reviewer, significant others and assorted friends.

Wild Nothing last played Red7 on the coldest day of the year in 2011. I remember icy sidewalks and legit need for wool hats. This time around, the show moved to the larger outdoor stage to accomodate demand with a swing of the weather pendulum towards 90F at show time. Austin’s Boy Friend and Super Lite Bike opened.

Click though for a few thoughts and plenty of pics.

Super Lite Bike had the opening slot last time. They again did an admirable job starting the night as the crowd filtered in. Indie, quirky, just the right mix to their stage presence. Only advice would be to work on the set list’s arc. Got a little lost in the early bits, but there was a nice finish.

Boy Friend had a rough outing. It was a long arduous sound check. They then had problems with the level of the monitors for the iPod used for backing tracks. I have a feeling they’ll work it out, but time to take a step back.

Wild Nothing added lighting and plenty of fog to create a moody atmosphere. I was very thankful for the light and the crowd was quickly drawn in and got frisky despite the late start. The wife made an interesting observation; Wild Nothing is Cut Copy. Not really the music, although a few of the new tracks have moved towards Cut Copy’s dance-able electro-jangled sound, but more in terms of growing up as a live band. I would guess the studio time has benefited the live performance; the live performance now shows polish and is more rich (if that makes sense).

“Paradise” off of Nocturne was fantastic. Set list included in the pics. I need a nap.

There are a few more pics at the photo site


  • I get that cut copy reference, jack tatum & co are very joyous live. He felt lik a one trick pony though, all the songs start sounding the same… no arc.

  • I see what you are saying, the bedroom stuff needs the extra haze to create separation.

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