Show Pics: Pujol @ Stubb’s (9/7)

Final bit of catch up from last Friday. Pujol played Stubb’s.

In a way, Slash opened for them. The outside was over run by rock and/or roll played loudly, Myles Kennedy a far better technical vocalist than that guy with funny hair and a cat face that wrecked GnR. Cell phones abounded for the rousing closer, “Paradise City”. …and then Pujol started playing inside.

Quite a few partiers came in from outside to check out the Nashville trio, hearing the big power jams about home and girls and stuff. So peep the pics and read a couple more words after the break.

Pujol takes a harder edge live as the three-piece centered around Daniel Pujol’s guitar and lyrics. More garage rock gets injected into the power pop. The guys have fun on stage, plenty of banter, stories to intro songs. Check out “Providence” here and think louder.

Fun, I was a little bummed to have to leave, but Tycho awaited around the corner.

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