Show Review: Twin Shadow @ Mohawk (9/14)

It was beautiful weather in Austin for the sold out show at the Mohawk on Friday night.  Our entertainment for the evening was provided by rising star Twin Shadow and all seemed to enjoy themselves despite the super packed venue.

Follow the jump for quick thoughts and photos from BGray.

As soon as we entered the venue, our crew knew that we’d be packed into the outside area like sardines.   This was surely the show that everyone wanted to attend on Friday, and the massive amounts of people inside proved that Twin Shadow has blown up after the lavish reviews being heaped on his recent release Confess.

Before we get to the headliner, let’s discuss opener for the night Niki & the Dove.  My initial reaction to the Swedish duo brought feelings of Cyndi Lauper meets The Knife meets Bjork.  These comparisons held true for most of the set with the eratic beats and quirky, yet powerful vocals coming from leading lady Malin Dahlstrom.  The band did a nice job with their live set, but I found myself thinking the style would be something I’d prefer jamming to at home.  Nothing against the band, I just don’t usually feel the need to watch nob twisters in the live setting.  Good beats, impressive vocals, not really my thing.  Pick up the band’s debut effort Instinct and check it out in your living room.

After a short intermission, everyone in the crowd cheered with excitement as George and his band took the stage.  You could tell from the get go that Twin Shadow relishes everything about being a rock star superstar.  He knows how to work the crowd like a pro, he packs tons of emotion into his performance, and knows how to construct a well put together set list.  The set certainly didn’t disappoint anyone in the crowd as everyone seemed to be singing along to many of the tunes.  Highlights for me included contestant for single of the year “Five Seconds”, fellow new jam “Run My Heart”, and “Yellow Balloon” from 2010’s Forget.  It was a great show put on by one of the great talents of our time.  Keep doing what your doing.

My only real complaint of the night, and we will continue to harp on this till people stop being stupid, were the constant show talkers.  I found myself moving locations 4-5 times just to get away from the folks that had to talk over the music to tell their friends about their after show plans.  Why did you pay to get in?  Seriously, shut the hell up or go home.

And will someone please find buy me one of those Twin Shadow bomber jackets?  Daddy wants.

Photogs note: Stuck around for Orthy. Austin, go see them. They’ll be opening for Mathew Dear at The Mohawk 10/24.

There are a few more pics at the photo site

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