The Hermit Crabs – Time Relentless EP

Rating: ★★★½☆

We’re almost a decade into the excellent career of The Hermit Crabs, a Glaswegian group specializing in jangling guitars and sentimental melodies.  They hit 2012 running with the warming Time Relentless EP, crafting timeless pop songs that every listener will surely find endearing, no matter how many times you play it on your stereo.

We find the group opening with “On The Spectrum,” and Mel opens with a steady vocal that attaches itself to your inner ear from the moment she joins in with the carefully choreography of the guitar.  As she sings of her favorite fella a light backing vocal warms your heart, illustrating the relevance of The Hermit Crabs in everyone’s personal indie pop collection.

“Time Relentless” continues the pop barrage, using a heavy drum beat as the backbone of the song.  Once the guitars take on a more prominent role in the song, you’re going to find it hard to ignore the fact that this group can clearly match any of the work of their compatriots Camera Obscura.  I know it might seem like hyperbole, but each little added touch deepens the emotional appeal, such as the added keyboard wash that hangs far off in the distance of this track.

Perhaps my favorite track on the Time Relentless EP is also its shortest, “Stop This Now.” It begins with a strummed guitar, and Mel coolly singing atop it, but the song blossoms into pop beauty when the lead guitar begins to noodle its way in and out of the track, all the while the rhythm guitar still carries with it a steady strum.  Again, you’ll find the perfect backing vocal assuring you of the pitch-perfect melody in Mel’s voice.  Such a wonderful track.

Closing out the EP is a more melancholy number, which comes to you via “So Blue.” Instead of revolving solely around the guitar and Mel, they use a bit of piano to provide the slowing mood.  For me, I keep hearing the guitar cutting in, as if it’s crying with the emotion of the track.  While it definitely has a change of pace, this is the sort of song that indie pop fans fawn over.

While The Hermit Crabs aren’t necessarily a household name as of yet, you can be assured that those of us in love with the group are begging to share the group’s music with you.  It might not seem otherworldly, but the perfect execution of blissful pop songs makes the Time Relentless EP a must have for all fans of the genre.


Download:The Hermit Crabs – Stop This Now [MP3]

Time Relentless EP is available now from Matinee Recordings.


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