Show Review: Eternal Summers @ Mohawk (9.20)

With the rest of the ATH crew spread out at shows all over Austin, I stepped in to see Eternal Summers with Bleeding Rainbow and local favorites Rayon Beach Thursday night, which I was more than happy to do.

Read on for thoughts and a few pics from Brian Gray.

Having seen Rayon Beach play opener for several popular shows around town, I was happy to check them out again on a night when most people may have been across the street watching Beach House, which the band made a joke about before beginning their set. The three-piece are equal parts loud and energetic, and I look forward to catching more from this group in the future.

Philadelphia-based group Bleeding Rainbow (formally Reading Rainbow) was up next, which has expanded from a duo to a four member ensemble as they prepare for their October 9th release on Kanine. Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton alternate between hazy harmonies and separately taking the lead, but it was Garcia who came across as the better vocalist with more enthusiasm to draw the crowd in. All in all, their brand of garage-punk came across as less catchy than other groups in this category, but their sound is definitely more full-bodied with the extra members.

Closing out the night was Virginian group Eternal Summers. Touring following their July release, Correct Behavior, also on Kanine, I was anxious to see if the sound would translate in a live setting, and my expectations were pleasantly met. Singer Nicole Yun is calm and modest, but brings everything to the table. Her voice floated effortlessly over the full sound that kept the crowd amped up. Playing personal favorites “Wonder” and “You Kill” off their latest release, I was happy their live performance kept true to the catchy pop-rock tunes I had enjoyed all summer.

Words by Steph Yeargan.

Photog’s Note: It was dark and I was bummed to miss the middle of the lineup, but White Arrows was damn good. Shot these with B&W in mind, no light. Didn’t feel like flash-bombing nice people. Hope you dig it.

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