ACL Battles: M83 vs. M. Ward

Well it’s time ladies and gents, time for everyone to start mapping out that ACL schedule and deciding who is really going to be worth your time in the sun.  While skimming through the schedule, the first major conflict I see for a lot of people has to be on Friday with M. Ward and M83 both going on at 7:30.  Now I also see Thievery Corporation going on around the same time, but I’m going to leave them out of the mix since they aren’t really my thing.  

So who you gonna pick?  The atmospheric electronic jams of M83?  Or would you rather go with the songwriting style of the legendary M. Ward?  I think I know who I’d pick…. I think.  

Let’s hear your thoughts.


Download: M Ward – Never Had Nobody Like You [MP3]


Download: M83 – Midnight City [MP3]

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  • I’ve seEN M83 twice in the last year. I may go see them again just because they are a festival band. Dance, have fun. Lightning bolts, french-gaze…

    Doesn’t M Ward play eight shows EVERY SxSW? Snooze fest last time I saw during the conference.

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