Fun Fun Fun Fest Preview: FIDLAR

It’s been a way solid year for FIDLAR, releasing a nice little 7″ full of catchy garage rock jams, and then getting loads of press across the nation from new fans.  It’s no surprise they’re rising, they combine the catchiness of pop-punk tunes, fueled by a lo-fi recording done in someone’s garage; it’s ballsy, yet it’s exuberant, so what more could you want?  They’re going to continue their huge year by playing for us all at Fun Fun Fun Fest.  I get the feeling that they’re just on the cusp of being everyone’s favorite band, sort of like Wavves of 2009, which is all the more reason to get out there and see their set.  You can be one of those people that says “oh yeah, I saw them way back when…”  Not to mention the fact that it’s going to be energetic and kick you in the face!


Download: Fidlar – Got No Money [MP3]

FIDLAR plays Friday, November 2nd at 1:05 on the Black Stage!

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