FFF 2012: Saturday In Pictures

Ahhh. Home, sweet home. Back on the pit to bring you nine kinds of performance shots.

Saturday’s shots include Residual Kid, The Young, Gold Fields, Brendan Benson, Daughn Gibson, The Helio Sequence, Braid, The Spits, Surfer Blood, Tanlines, Paul Banks, Real Estate, Wavves and PiL. More from around the fest, of course. Fun was had by all, just bummed that I missed shooting Refused from the pit. It was “too busy”.

Click through to feed your eyes…

Residual Kid is good, not just for 12 and 14 year olds, they can play and look for them in chilling with Val Kilmer in the Malick flick when it is released (I still think they all just wanted to go to FFF/ACL for free the last couple years). The Young continue to sound better, maybe the early call time helped focus. Aussie reps Gold Fields were there to satisfy any Friendly Fires fans in the early crowd. Brendan Benson was sensible. Daughn Gibson needs a hug, but wait until after he performs. Helio Sequence may end up high on my best of list. The Spits were pretty much what I expected – batshit. Tanlines might be on to something, I also commend their patience (technical glitch early in their set didn’t slow the dance party). Paul Banks played the best Interpol songs released in recent years. Real Estate was soothing and golden. Wavves earned my Seal of Approval as they have some stage presence going strong. PiL did not disappoint. Johnny can stand still and keep you riveted. Loved it. Girl Talk littered.

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