Show Pics: Letting Up Despite Great Fauls/She Sir @ Holy Mountain (11/29)

After the dance party last Wednesday night, Nathan and I decided to go local and take a stab at the new venue living in Beauty Bar’s space on 7th, Holy Mountain. The bands on the bill were certainly worth two nights in a row of missing a few hours of sleep. Letting Up Despite Great Faults has one of our favorite local records of the year and She Sir played our SxSW showcase a few years back, even lending gear to use for the night, and have recently busted out a few new tracks.

Click through for a few thoughts and some pics…

Holy Mountain took the Beauty Bar, gave it a fresh coat of paint and moved the stage where it should have been all along. They have a few craft drinks and feature a couple of cheap beer specials. Now I just need to talk the lighting guy into kicking in a little white fill to go with the red and blue (the Holy Mountain sign behind the stage was green, though, like a UFO in a purple sky).

I’ll admit that Letting Up started a little shaky, their vocal style being a challenge for sound guys. Airy can induce feedback, but once the band settled in the hits flowed. She Sir picked up where the Letting Up left off and finished the night well for our weary ears.

More pics at the photo site

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