Austin Free Week: Monday Highlights

That’s right folks, Free Week is now more like Free Week and A Half.  I had a blast last week, catching favorite acts like Young Girls and Bad Sports, but we’ve got to soldier on.  Monday is a little tame on the scheduling, but don’t forget we’ve got to support our scene and the incredible artists in Austin doing their best to make it what it is for us all. Here’s my suggestions for your night. Ink Blot, Oak is Keeping, Opposite Day, Diesel is Dixie @ Mohawk

Les RAV, Holiday Mountain, Bitter Birds, Language Room, Migrant Kids @ Holy Mountain

Bobby Jealousy, Death Knelly, Taylor + Sara (of the Couch) @ Hotel Vegas

If you take the night off I understand, as you’ll need your energy for a jam packed week of great music.  Here’s a tune from The Couch…maybe Taylor + Sara will play it at Hotel Vegas.


Download: The Couch- Kaiser [MP3]

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