New Folk Opus from East Cameron Folkcore

Being an Austin, Tx based blog, our job should be to help promote our local musicians, atop of our extensive world coverage.  When you get a band like East Cameron Folkcore, it makes things a whole lot easier on you.  The 11-piece group has announced the release of their new album, For Sale, which will be out on February 5th.  With an eleven-piece group, they can go anywhere really, but I always appreciate their careful compositions combining punk, folk and even elements of bluegrass.  It gives a raw/refreshing edge to what’s often considered a stale genre.  Those of us in Austin will have the chance to see the band on February 8th at the Scottish Rite Theater, but the rest of you will just have to enjoy the jam below for the time being.


Download:East Cameron Folkcore – Salinger is Dead [MP3]

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