Show Pics: Centro-Matic @ The Mohawk (2/1)

Sometimes I just want a rock show. This was the perfect lineup. No antics, just songs. Good songs.

It was a long night at The Mohawk, a few shots from ONUINU pending postage. Part one of the pics cavalcade will be for the show on the outside stage with Centro-Matic, Frank Smith and Moonlight Towers.

Click through for a few comments and plenty of pics.

Pound-for-pound, I call Moonlight Towers one of the best bands you may not have seen. Or maybe you have seen and forgotten. These guys can all play and they invoke the memories of old sixth street, when rock and roll with blues flavored tinges would spill out on the streets. James Stevens (along with Stephen Doster) behind EAR Studio, a place I was lucky enough to spend a little time at during SxSW a few years back. Good people.

Frank Smith is new to me, but plenty of familiar faces on stage as the band includes guys from local bands like ATH Records’ own Grape St. Turn the dial on the indie pop punk scene back just a bit and throw in clever sounding licks and some harmonica and harmonies and you know why pretty much everyone tapped toes and eyeballed merch.

Finishing up outside, Centro-Matic ambled to the stage and the familiar tones from Will Johnson smoky rasp fill the blocks surrounding the venue. There is a pic of the long playlist. Plenty of anticipation for what’s next because this band can sound good playing in a phone booth. Crowd happy.

More pics with prints available at the photo site

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