Show Pics: ONUINU @ The Mohawk (2/1)

After the rock and roll outside, the crowd built inside and the beats started to flow. I was able to catch a bit of Love Inks and took in ONUINU‘s one man show. Merch was stacked, hands were marked.

I was really curious about the one man show act. We all know how horribly wrong things can go. Spoiler alert, it was good.

Click through and dig some noise.

Love Inks appears to be pulling a good crowd these days. I enjoy the originals. I wouldn’t miss the cover of “Rock On”. Solid vocal, lovely ringing repeat on guitar.

ONUINU is Dorian Duvall. Would it be weird for me to call him a gentle giant? He seemed very soft-spoken, reserved. Lights were minimized, a couple lamps on the ground, one above left dim. A guitar, MacBook, a few synths, several pedals, music starts with a few loops and riffs built and repeated, vocals set to haze. There were a few hitches on the broadcast, technical issues, but brief panic was remedied and dancing continued. All on all, I give it a B.

More pics and prints available at the photo site (scroll down)…

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