The Little Ones – The Dawn Sang Along

1360750994_coverRating: ★★½☆☆

Releasing their debut album back in 2008, The Little Ones have henceforth been known for their hyper-energized, guitar laden power pop. With members of this group coming from the band, “Sunday’s Best,” this group is comprised of several musicians giving their best go at making music that people can shake it to.

If I could say one thing about The Dawn Sang Along, it would be that it essentially defines a ‘fun’ record. When the first inklings of synthesized beat begins, you can already feel the anticipation building quickly before the song takes off. Such is the beginning of the album in “Argonauts,” which opens things up with all of The Little Ones’ explosive and energetic bouncy pop. The borderline falsetto vocals work to keep things extra light and airy, while mechanic drum beats and synthesizers give this band a sound that resembles a mixture of bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Cut Copy. “Argonauts,” though the first track on the album, manages to maintain its resonating catchiness all through the rest of the album, driving to return to it time and time again.

But, as I mentioned before, The Dawn San Along is pretty much the embodiment of a fun record, and so The Little Ones have a lot more to offer than just one song of sunshine. Indeed, the follow the first track with the equally catchy “Boy on Wheels,” which possesses the same hooky guitars that this group exemplified on their previous record. Some other stronger tracks off the album include “Shake Your Sign,” which incorporates some less static sounding drums, opening up the dimensions of sound. Also, late on the album is “Ain’t It Like You & Me,” which closes out things nicely with its building and echo-y vitality.

Though this record is sunshine and fun expressed in a summery sound, it may just be a little too sugary and bright for anyone but teenage girls. To their credit, they do try and slow things down and sober up a bit on numbers like  “AWOL,” but The Little Ones just can’t really shake off the sunshine. And to some, it may just be what is needed to shake off the winter blues, but for others, The Dawn Sang Along might come across like that person who is always smiling a bit too widely, too early in the morning.

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