ATH & SXSW: 3 to Watch Part 2.

sxsw-&-athWell, it’s that time of year again; your liver hurts just thinking about it, and your Excel program has never seen so much action since Windows 98 first came out. Let’s put all that anxiety aside and concentrate on some really rad bands that are going to be making it our way in the next few weeks. These are three of the bands I’m most excited about seeing, and I have a feeling that I’ll see one or more of them at least twice…I’m just that guy.

More shows are popping up by the day.  Keep your ears to the Internet for the coolest party info.

BIL1. Brothers In Law

I’ve actually been jamming to this Italian group for a few months now, but just finally got around to reviewing their brilliant album, Hard Times for Dreamers.  The group has been crafting music that combines that dreamy quality with a bobbing post-punk arrogance.  I have a feeling that the guitars are going to be turned up really loud, and that your toes will tap as they melodies soar in whatever venue you catch them at.  Oh, and their record is brought to you by CF Records, who brought you the excellent Sea Pinks record, so that means good things too!


Music for Listeners @ Flat Top Burger Shop @ 1 PM

Warm-Soda2. Warm Soda

This is the new band that spawned from Bare Wires, and the group is nothing more than extreme power-pop goodness.  I’ve had their debut album, Someone For You on repeat ever since it first arrived in our mailbox.  It’s energetic, yet gritty; it’s filled with ridiculous hooks that reminds me of what an exuberant young kid I was, singing along to tunes blasting as the window let in the cool Texas air.  There hasn’t been too much hype surrounding the band, but SXSW is the perfect time for a break-out star; this would be my pick!


Download: Warm Soda – Waiting For Your Call [MP3]

3/14 – Texas Jumpstart Six @ the Side Bar @ 3 PM

3/16 – Burger Mania @ Hotel Vegas @ 1030 PM

wax-idols-hether-fortune-113. Wax Idols

I like to think that I’m the punk-rock guru at the ATH offices, and in that role, I’ve gotta be the one to let you in on one of the best kept secrets…Wax Idols.  Their previous effort, No Future, played non-stop a few years ago, but the group is upping the ante with their signing to Slumberland Records; they’ll be releasing the group’s new album, Discipline & Desire.  It’s a progression for the band, implementing a much broader sound.  Oh, and frontwoman, Hether, will steal your heart and then spit it out on the beer-soaked floor, so there’s that to look forward to, right? Seriously, go see this band!


Download: Wax Idols – Gold Sneakers [MP3]

3/13 – Force Field PR & Stones Throw @ Red 7 @ 245 PM

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