ATH IT Dept. & SxSW: 3 to Watch

sxsw-&-athThe IT Dept. is going to SxSW.

My picks for stuff to see is based solely on random selection, what I heard recently that caught my ear while perusing the intarwebs and names that I am happy to see on the list of showcasing artists. SxSW is like that; follow your folly. You will always miss something. You will always hear about some big thing that you can’t go to. So ,take a chance with me and the ATH IT Dept. and dance a little, because I am going digitally affected for my list.

Young Galaxy

Oh did I ever love 2011′ Shapeshifting. One of my jams of the year was “Cover Your Tracks”. So good. Any band that lists songs like Stone Roses’ “Fool’s Gold”, Orbital’s “Belfast” and Portishead’ “Machine Gun” has to be in my wheelhouse and now I get to see them live, finally. I’ll camp up front. Here is “Pretty Boy”.



I know literally zero about this band. But now I do. The google saves all. Mompox is part of then South American invasion this year, based in Buenos Aires. Think Hot chip head on with Of Montreal and Starfucker and something a little bit sensible. They’ll play the official Argentina showcase at Whiskey Room on Wednesday night. This is the jam that caught my ear. Dig it, may jam called “Perfect Service”.


Andre Obin

Unofficial artist. Shhh, don’t tell SxSW that I am recommending someone not on the list. Boston’s King of dark synth is coming to town as part of an East Coast run and hitting showcases at Lucy’s, Rusty Spurs and The Brew Exchange. Sad turned cool story, an apartment fire claimed all his gear, but friends released a compilation to get him some gear. I recently posted “Arsonist” (in the playlist below), offsetting that beauty with “Soft Rain”.


Honrable Mentions

Gliss had a shakey set last year with some technical issues, but damn, the new material is so good. Check them at the showcase for locally run Modern Outsider. Bonus, The Black And White Years will debut more jams. TEEEL drops some digital beats. Do it.

And here is a little playlist for the uninitiated including a few bonus picks…

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