Appleseed Cast Are Back

Appleseed Cast copy

I think we all know by now that I am the resident Appleseed Cast fanatic around these parts and I plan to keep it that way.  Today I was surprised and excited to see a new song called “Great Lake Derelict” floating around on the internet via various sites.  The Cast have been very quiet since the release of their last album Sagarmatha in 2009, so you can imagine my anticipation of new music from the band.  You can tell by the photo that the band lineup has changed drastically since their beginnings (only Chris Crisci remains from the original lineup), but the sound really isn’t all that different to me.  Though the drums are a bit sloppy and the whirling organ is new, the atmospheric, driving qualities are all still there.  It’s a badass song that I hope won’t go unnoticed by the indie world.  Respect the Cast.

New album Illumination Ritual is out April 23rd on Graveface Records.

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