ATH & SXSW: 3 to Watch Pt. 5


I would love to say that I’m ready for next week, but in reality, my brain and body can never be fully ready for what’s about to take place.  To help myself, and you faithful readers, ease a little of the stress coming our way, we’ve got another artist preview coming your way.  As always, we’ll tell you a bit about the bands and also post shows we see listed.  Follow the jump for more.

1. Night Panther

Nathan and I have posted numerous tracks from this Philly based band over the last year or so.  It’s very difficult to pin this band down, as they seem to move from more dance pop, to a raw, guitar based pop music.  I really dig the style and I’m putting them near the top of my list to bands to see during the festival.

3/13 – Echo, Echoplex, & Oragami Vinyl Throwdown @ Cheer Up Charlie’s – 11:20am

3/15 – Small Plates/Gold Robot/Small Plates showcase @ Grackle – 2pm


Download: Night Panther – Fever [MP3]

2. Criminal Hygiene

This is another fairly new band that’s caught my attention recently with their very own brand of sludge punk rock.  Their current self-titled released on Small Plates Records is an incredible piece of work full of some intense, in your face hard rock n roll.  I’m envisioning a set full of loud and fast music that could possibly replicate my experience seeing The Men for the first time last year.  These guys are supposed to be incredible live so don’t miss it.

3/13 – Dear Austin, Love L.A. @ Opal Devine’s Freehouse – 12:45pm

3/14 – Vaya Con Tacos 3 @ Peckerheads – 1:30pm


Download: Criminal Hygiene – Rearrange Me [MP3]

3. Natural Child

If you can’t already tell, I’m going to be in a rock and roll mood during SXSW so Natural Child fit in quite well with that sentiment.  Their music is sure to have me busting out my best headbanger impression in the back row.  Nathan gave these guys a best live show label last year so I guess I better make a point to see them next week.  You’ll have plenty of chances to check them out in town.

3/12 – Queue Ticket Launch Party @ Mohawk – 5pm

3/16 – Crashing the Capitol @ Clive Bar – 5pm

3/16 – Burgermania II @ Hotel Vegas – 12:30am


Download: Natural Child – B$G P$MP$N [MP3]

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