SxSW 2013 Pics: Iggy and The Stooges @ The Mohawk

My SxSW overload begins with a show that happened at my favorite venue, The Mohawk. It was a limited entry kind of deal, badge and wristband only, no wristbands even got in – Iggy Pop and the Stooges with Japandroids.

I had requested access to the NPR showcase featuring Nick Cave and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. To think, SxSW has become the kind of event where seeing Iggy in a thousand person venue is a backup plan? Odd.

Read on for thoughts and pics…

I guess I understand why Japandroids get so much buzz. Nice enough looking fellows with respect for the past and the legends. They are the band for Black Keys fans that don’t like the blues that much and don’t feel like sharing their favorite band with Kings of Leon fans. Big sound from the two-piece, but I swear I heard a bass line at times. Likeable, I just am not on the bandwagon. I still think that last album was the most overhyped thing last year and I have been cemented. Sometimes you just have to see a band live to prove a theory. Like, but not love, but worked great as a warm up to the main event.

Iggy was carted in and out by police escort, like FedEx for leathery legends.

The Stooges have a new album. And yes, they played quite a bit of it. It wasn’t disappointing either. The new jams didn’t have the weird loss of edge or pussification that usually happens when a group of punk rock legends gets together. That said, let’s face it, the kids want the hits. It was funny to see the change on the crowd up front during the performance – from industry people and old fans that thought they could deal with a little pit action to the full on manic, rib-crunching pit, fist pumping and the younger new-fan crowd that made it in. “Dog” was teased before they played a new track, I think only as a warning to those upfront that may not have had the stomach for getting to know your fellow Stooges fan in that special way. It was mayhem.

The band sounded great, bolstered by Mike Watt on bass. Meanwhile, hands in pants both front and back, ass cheese to the audience faces, a little stage diving and my friend got to touch his armpit – Thanks Iggy. You earned that police escort…

The Mohawk earned another notch on its legendary performance belt.

More pics at the photo site


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