SxSW 2013: The Rest of the Showcase Pics

Nothing quite like figuring out that you still have 1600 shots to go through after six posts already up for SxSW…

Sorry, SxSW seems like a distant memory, but I may just rekindle some fond memories of the smaller shows that you should have gone to. Official SxSW stuff, I have already shared the shots of The Flaming Lips headlined party and Iggy and The Stooges. This gallery has shots of Mompox, Young Galaxy, Local Natives, Gold Fields, Shout Out Louds, Shout Out Out Out, GEMS and more. If you click, you will also get a few quick notes on winners and losers.

So do it. Sing with me, MEEEMMMOOOORRRIIIEESS!!!11!shift+1

Shout Out bands won. Shout Out Louds had so much joy in their performance. The sound guy at Easy Tiger had things dialed in and the band poured out over the crowd. It was so good. But later in the night, Shout Out Out Out put down a blistering dance party with two drum kits, two bass players and ton of synths. They were vocodered insanity and the floor shook. That is what you need to know.

Ketchy Shuby was the best-band-before-the-band-I-was-there-to-see award winner, silly but serious Latin soul jams. Islet was a hot mess, but I loved it. Young Galaxy and Besnard Lakes were slightly hampered by sound issues, but I will go see Young Galaxy when they come through, for sure. GEMS was a perfect start to my final night which had my only repeat band, The Soft Moon. Gold Fields played a rather packed Buffalo Billiards, a venue that needs to find a guy that can run the big ass lights they had set up. Andre Obin had technical issues at an unofficial venue, but I understand how he won an award for live performance as a three piece with minimal backing tracks for such a synth heavy collection of jams. Local Natives could sound good in a phone booth. Cold War Kids are just way too slick now, but they fun to shoot.

Best venue has to go to The Mohawk, on time and sounded good if not great. Worst venue, Viceland, yech; caught one jam from The Black Lips and bailed.

I think we are done with SxSW 2013. <- but click there if you missed something. More pics at the photo site

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