Show Pics: Band of Horses @ Stubb’s (4/24)

I never got the chance to shoot Band of Horses when they were in our prime, i.e. still carrying the buzz of the early releases through the blogosphere. I did however got to see them in the big church during SxSW. That was pretty moving. Wall of sound, cathedral (seriously) ceilings, perfect venue for the at times sparse and haunting songwriting that made us suckers for the first two albums.

They have since left our little corner of the intarwebs for bigger pastures, but so what. I got to shoot them finally under the carnival tent that is cathedral-esque at Stubb’s and they played some early hits, so there.

Roadkill Ghost Choir opened, a few thoughts and some snaps past the break to ogle while you wait for your ride to Psych Fest.

RKGC can play. I probably won’t spend anytime with them after editing this post, but exactly the kind of opener you would want for Band of Horses. They are solid musicians, pedal steel – I’m a sucker for it. Strong rhythm section and well-crafted songs.

BoH also can play their instruments. “Great Salt Lake” was one of the first three and it was odd how big of a rock song it has become. The mellow nature has turned anthemic, but it works in the live setting of a sold out show. I couldn’t stay for “The Funeral” (or as I imagine, “The time to raise your phones”), but I got to hear “Is There a Ghost”, a song attached to our Maggie-dog who left this earth to soon. I could sneep.

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