Show Pics: The Joy Formidable @ Emo’s (5/1)

The Joy Formidable was very impressive in their set at the Nikon Warner Sound showcase at Belmont during SxSW. Ritzy is a manic powerhouse and the entire band, including drummer Matthew James Thomas by way of his frontline half open drum kit, so everything possible to connect with the crowd. Big strobes, jumping into the pit, TJF is always encouraging the crowd to come along with them.

IO ECHO was the opener at Emo’s, and quite honestly, the more interesting act on the night. New to big touring, they get to play some decent-sized venues while rolling with TJF and hopefully will pull a decent early crowd. Backlit shenanigans.

Ritzy got a new hat. Click through for the pics, y’all.

Emo’s on a Tuesday night, definitely not the packed madhouse last Saturday for Foals. It was an early set time for the venue as well, which I guess was at the band’s request. Emo’s was about two-thirds capacity, not terrible given the number of shows this week and potential SxSW fatigue for each artist.

I caught a little of two sets from IO ECHO during SxSW and the complete set was solid. I wouldn’t mind a little more front and fill light, but moods were set and props were used. Chasing Ioanna Gika around the stage is a proper warm up for Ritzy, rock stances, mic stand above head level, hair flailed in strobes…

TJF is a great live band, but what is the deal with that hat, Ritzy? SRSLY

More pics at the photo site

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