Show Pics: Black Moth Super Rainbow @ The Mohawk (5/29)

Busy end of school season is upon us. So many bands coming to town and I had this one penciled on the calendar a while ago. I have only seen Black Moth Super Rainbow at festivals up to now and decided the friendly confines of The Mohawk would be the place I could get the ever elusive portrait of Tobacco behind the briefcase of Vocodery goodness.

Packed list of artists; Oscillator Bug manufacturing loops and tones, The Hood Internet mashing the hits and a little bonus coverage of locals Bike Problems.

Head past the break…

Oscillator Bug took four channels and a Pegasus synth to craft tones, noises moving in and out of coherent tracks as a song is born and then drifts into another song, mic draped on his neck while building. I think it was three songs in the course of the brief opening set based on the times OB shared vocal talents. I couldn’t get invested for the duration, but moments grabbed attention.

The Hood Internet played hits mashed with hits. I recall Daft Punk being graced by JT. Plenty of hip-hop over beats from LCD Soundsystem, Crystal Castles and Cyndi Lauper with a cool little light show. The current mixtape is available on Soundcloud here. Available for kid’s parties.

Black Moth Super Rainbow‘s right to privacy act includes low brims, codenames and zero interaction. Hell, even Tobacco’s SiriusXM mix last year was vocodered. I started up front, hoping to get the portraits before the enthusiastic crowd tries to crush my photographer ribs. By the time “Windshield Smasher” started, the crowd was frenzied with waves of pressure surging forwards and back.

I was bummed we didn’t get the projector backdrop usually gracing the BMSR live show. Cool visuals, but lighting was good enough and the crowd’s mental status was self-enhanced by party favors. It was a nice set though a bit short of the curfew, an oddity at The Mohawk.

I wandered indoors for a spell to watch a photog friend drum away as part of Bike Problems, offsetting previous music with some honest rock and or roll of the punk slant. I took some pics of them, too.

More pics at the photo site

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