IT Dept. Summer Playlist

Oh hai, summer. IT Dept here with electronic essentials to help you think cool…

It isn’t always about the jams, sometimes you need a break from fist-pumping bro jams. Here is a dose of records you should have to get through the long hot summer.

Small Black – Limit of Desire

I heard many of these tracks during SxSW and I was sold. I knew Small Black‘s latest was going to be one of my favorite albums of the year, so natch it is a summer must have. From mellow to thoughtful to sweet to flat out dance party, this record is strong, but I reckon my jam is “Breathless”. Red7 6/18, people.

Still Corners – Strange Pleasures

It helps to see a band execute material from a beautifully layered album live. Still Corners won the night at The Mohawk tome in their opening slot for CHVRCHES. The vocal was nailed and arrangements worked. But who cares because the recorded album is so very good. I picked “Berlin Lovers” for the playlist.

Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Legendary programming by Jon Hopkins. I listen to it often. Put your head down a chill or put your nose to the grindstone and get it done. …or just chill with your friends while playing Cards Against Humanity. The absolutely hypnotic track in the middle slot of the playlist is called “Open Eye Signal”

Empire of the Sun – Ice on the Dune

Lighten up, even the most ardent music snob needs relief from challenges tones, lyrics and chords. Empire of the Sun provides affected pop with aboriginal sensibilities (what does that even mean?). I loved their shenanigans during ACL a couple years back. The new album lands overseas tomorrow. Stay tuned for the digital sources, the track “DNA”

Boards of Canada – Tommorrow’s Harvest

And now the come down. Every solid party has time to decompress, the after party, the chill; I recommend Boards of Canada. This album is so amazingly good. Just front to back, breaking it up is criminal, hide the remote and tape over the buttons on whatever the he’ll you use to play it back so your drunk buddy can’t make the mistake of skipping a track. “Reach for the Dead” is the sample.

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