Show Pics: Torres @ Mohawk (6/12)

Last Wednesday night at The Mohawk featured a lineup of three phenomenal female songwriters, including Austin’s own Dana Falconberry. Torres headlined the show on the inside stage with Lady Lamb The Beekeeper and the aforementioned Dana Falconberry.

Please click through for a few thoughts and pics from the night.

Dana Falconberry – While the audience was small, Falconberry and her band delivered a spectacular performance filled with huge folk-influenced sounds and expansive harmonies.

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper – Spaltro performed a solo set: accompanied only by her guitar and a borrowed banjo, promising to bring a band with her next time she visits Austin. At the start of her performance the lights completely dropped as she effortlessly presented the song “Up In The Rafters” in the dark, capturing the audience drawing them close underneath her soaring vocals. The rest of her performance included old songs as well as a few from her album “Ripely Pine” which was released earlier this week.

Torres – After Lady Lamb finished, most of the audience left, and the majority of the remaining crowd unfortunately paid little attention to Torres’s set. Closing out the night, Mackenzie Scott and her band delivered a warm sound showcasing the subtle, captivating power present throughout her recent self-released LP.

Editor’s note, Cullen Perry (words and photos) will be filling in occasionally when the old photo guy is covering other events or keeping kids off his lawn.

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