Show Review: Mystery Jets @ Lambert’s (6/15)

Mystery JetsI feel like I waited my entire blogging career to see Mystery Jets. Yes, I skipped out on them opening for Mumford due to my disdain for the headliner, but I also knew that they’d be playing their own set with locals, Hello Caller. Read on for my thoughts on the evening, and photos from Brian.

Hello Caller  did a great job opening up to a pretty packed house at Lamberts.  While they might have been a little cramped up their on the stage, they demonstrated to everyone precisely why they’re one of Austin’s rising stars.  They combine elements of folk, country, pop and even some chamber music to create a sound that filled the room up.  There debut album, Dark Twain, is definitely something you need to get your hands on, if you haven’t done so already.

It’s clear that Mystery Jets have finally gotten their name out overseas, as the small venue was packed.  When the Brits took to the stage, I’ll admit that I was a little bit disappointed to see they’d be playing an acoustic set on the evening; I took it in stride to get a chance to finally see the band perform, and I’m glad I was able to wade through the obnoxious set of girls badgering folks at the front of the stage. They opened with “Someone Purer,” one of the many hits from their recent effort, Radlands.  Blaine sounded as amazing as I had hoped, hitting every note perfectly before moving into “Greatest Hits” and “Radlands.”  While they didn’t rock out, it was a much more intimate performance, which definitely benefited the performances of tracks like “Young Love,” with William doing his damndest to fill in for Laura Marling.

I think the night culminated for me with their performance of “Lost in Austin,” as Blaine’s vocals slightly strained to reach the highest notes.  Such a moment could be lost on a larger stage, so it was definitely special to catch the song in a smaller space where the emotion could be shared by all.  Each note rang out crisply, and for the most part, the audience was fairly respectful, especially when the band asked for absolute quiet when they closed with “Luminescence.”  All in all, it was a performance for those who wanted a chance to share in something special with their favorite band, so I’m definitely glad I was able to be a part of such an incredible evening.

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  • Photo guy notes, difficult light. I had to work these a bit to get it right, but the show deserved it. Still smiling thinking about it…

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