Show Pics: Ariel Pink @ The Mohawk (6/18)

Ariel Pink has a nice tour bus. Austin’s home base for Graffiti that will Haunt you is The Mohawk.

Mr. Round and Round brought along two acts to keep you guessing. Purple Pilgrims is a trippy psych duo still taking the edges off while Kirin J. Callinan takes a crap ton of effects pedals to craft layered and fairly aggressive tones.

Click through for pics, y’all…

Purple Pilgrims could not hold my attention. Perhaps, it was the heat. …or maybe Spurs v. Heat. The duo harmonized, vocally and on guitar to create the kind of soundscapes that do not work in broad daylight. Better setting and later in their live music career, perhaps.

Kirin J. Callinan was the exact opposite. I went on overload a little bit. The dude is intense and his performance is dizzying. So many effects pedals surround his feet and to create the songs it requires him tap-dancing on them cross-legged at times to jump between elements. Sharp blasts of “guitar” punctuate lyrics while minimalist backing tracks for a beat guide the way. Interesting.

Ariel Pink – We are seeing the back end of the current touring marathon that started the last time he came through. “Round and Round” will continue to be the best track he has in the bag of tricks. Ariel had a weird yet calculated disinterested tone, focusing on smoking and Lone Star. Songs ranged from perfect to complete mess and the fans wouldn’t have it any other way. There were fan-ladies fanning Ariel with vegetation harvested outside. Projectors are fun.

More pics at the photo site

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