Austin Spotlight: Southern Boutique

southernboutiqueWell, color me mystified.  Late last night I received an email with little more than a link to a song; I’m not even sure if the name is for real, but I’m digging this mysterious entity.  Whoever it is, definitely has their ear to the pop writing wheel.  It reminds me of what the older version of the Shins might have sounded like if they had gone on exploring the world.  It’s careful in construction, yet beneath lays a monster of pop ready for rebirth.  All I can say at this point is that Southern Boutique are exciting, and they’re from Austin.  Here’s a great song for you to check out (with another at their SOUNDCLOUD). If any one knows more about this band, please let us know; we want the inside scoop.


Download: Souther Boutique – Rabbit Trails [MP3]

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