Austin Spotlight: The Harvest Thieves

a1146701711_10As ATH has always been a big supporter of Guns of Navarone, we were overly excited when our friends in the band sent us over music from a new project they’ve been working on.  This Austin supergroup going by the name of The Harvest Thieves features members of the aforementioned Guns as well as East Cameron Folkcore and Bankrupt & The Borrowers.  Already the new group have an EP entitled Lightning in a Bottle up and available for download over on bandcamp at a “pay what you want” set up.  I’m finding myself immediately drawn to the 2nd track  from the EP “Escape From the Paper City”.  It’s clearly a country/americana themed tune with an almost anthemic sound and an extremely full sound that drives the song home.  It seems rare that we find this kind of quality Texas themed sounds in this town anymore and I couldn’t be more excited about this new project.  

Stay tuned for more.

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